20′ Ultimate Slide/Slip & Slide

This is truly the ultimate slide. This unit may be rented as a stand alone wet/dry slide or single slip & slide, or in its fully upgraded form as a slide slip & slide combo see pics. Price is $470.00 as a slide slip and slide combo.

L 38′ x w 22′ x H 20′ as a slide and 50′ length with slip and slide attachment.

Participant weight 250 lbs.

Total Weight Limit 750 lbs.

SET UP NEEDS (88x22x20) (LxWxH) 2 x 15 amp outlet or 2 20 amp outlets. WE MUST BE ABLE TO DRIVE UP TO THE SET UP SPOT!!!!! THIS UNIT DOES NOT GO ANYWHERE WE NEED TO MOVE IT OVER OR AROUND OBJECTS, STAIRS, HILLS, Etc. If you have questions PLEASE call us first!